High power! Fast charge! Fast discharge!

At the end of the first week, we had the official JUAMI international football match, complete with jerseys, a referee, and prizes!! We left Panorama hotel as a group, taking a bus over to Addis Ababa University together. I heard a lot of trash talk on the bus, including threats of breaking opposing team members' legs ;)

View from the stands

 Jane, Alex, Shayla, and I found a shady spot in the stands to camp out. It was so fun to watch! After a week in Ethiopia spending time non-stop with the group, we could figure out who everyone was even from a distance. In the first half of the game, we cheered for everyone who had the ball. Then it became more clear that the yellow team overall was more used to Addis Ababa's altitude of 8000 ft ;) In the second half, we switched over to rooting for the underdogs, the green team. All the professors on the green team, we really admire you! Professor Peter Green and Professor Simon Bilinge both scored spectacular goals. Ben and Mesfin also scored goals. I forget who scored the 5th goal. If we analyze the data set (4 out of 5 data points known), maybe the last goal was also scored by a JUAMI organizer?

Here are some pictures:

John Baira trying to score a goal on Wolfgang
Wolf, we don't know what you were yelling across the field in German but we're sure it wasn't too polite ;)

John Baira then shooting a penalty kick on Kevin

Nathan, you're such a trooper for playing the whole game barefoot!

Everybody after the game

Professor Teketel preparing to award the cup

Nathan accepting the medal for the green team!

And here is the yellow team!

All future JUAMIs should have a football match. 

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