Arrived in Addis!

After a long couple days of travel (with 4 or so hours stuck on the runway in Frankfurt due to icy weather...), I arrived in Addis just in time for the start of JUAMI 2012!

The Panorama Hotel is really nice, nicer than I expected. My new friend Jane from UMD said it was listed on the "splurge" category on Wikitravel and I am inclined to agree! It's really modern and has all the expected amenities. Other than some issue with the shower hot water pressure, I am impressed.

I am rooming with Desalegn Godebo, a student from a university a few hundred kilometers south of here called Arba Minch University. For his master's degree he worked on organic solar cells with P3HT/PCBM. Since I previously worked in this field, we have a lot to chat about!

This winter school is really a special opportunity to come to Ethiopia and learn about renewable energy materials while making connections with scientists in Africa. I thank the organizers of this winter school as well as the NSF, the ICMR at UCSB, the MRS, and the African MRS for the funding and support.

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