So... what do we have in common?

When Team Surge first got together, it wasn’t very clear what we could possibly have in common. We all studied energy materials, but being spread out over four countries, it seemed crazy to imagine something we all shared. After a few conversations, though, it became clear that every member of the team loved two things: music and dance.

Since JUAMI 2012 was about equal parts research and cultural exchange, we saw an opportunity. Most of the group had not yet heard of the pop culture phenomenon “Gangnam Style,” a song and dance created by South Korean artist PSY, and thus an idea was born. What if we could use this song and dance to promote cultural exchange, and introduce this phenomenon to a place where it was little known?

Shoham and Steve had both heard the song and learned the dance back in the United States, so after holding some breath and crossing a few fingers, we were able to load the music video on Youtube. The whole group watched the video with a mix of confusion and awe.

And then it was time to learn the dance! As the group followed along, there were times there we really got the steps:

…and some times that we didn’t:

In the end though, everyone learned the dance, and bonded over our one true common denominator: our love of new experiences.

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